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Roger West: Inspector West Takes Charge, 1942, revised 1963; Inspector West Leaves Town, 1943 (also as Go Away to Murder); Inspector West at Home, 1944; Inspector West Regrets—, 1945, revised 1965; Holiday for Inspector West, 1946; Triumph for Inspector West, 1948 (also as The Case Against Paul Raeburn); Battle for Inspector West, 1948; Inspector West Kicks Off, 1949 (also as Sport for Inspector West); Inspector West Cries Wolf, 1950 (also as The Creepers); Inspector West Alone, 1950; A Case for Inspector West, 1951 (also as The Figure in the Dusk); Puzzle for Inspector West, 1951 (also as The Dissemblers); Inspector West at Bay, 1952 (also as The Blind Spot and The Case of the Acid Throwers); A Gun for Inspector West, 1953 (also as Give a Man a Gun); Send Inspector West, 1953 (also as Send Superintendent West); A Beauty for Inspector West, 1954 (also as The Beauty Queen Killer and So Young, So Cold, So Fair); Inspector West Makes Haste, 1955 (also as The Gelingnise Gang, Night of the Watchman, and Murder Makes Haste); Two for Inspector West, 1955 (also as Murder: One, Two, Three and Murder Tips the Scales); Parcels for Inspector West, 1956 (also as Death of a Postman); A Prince for Inspector West, 1956 (also as Death of an Assassin); Accident for Inspector West, 1957 (also as Hit and Run); Find Inspector West, 1957 (also as The Trouble at Saxby’s and Doorway to Death); Strike for Death, 1958 (also as The Killing Strike); Murder, 180 100 Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction London—New York, 1958; Death of a Racehorse, 1959; The Case of the Innocent Victims, 1959; Murder on the Line, 1960; Death in Cold Print, 1961; The Scene of the Crime, 1961; Policeman’s Dread, 1962; Hang the Little Man, 1963; Look Three Ways at Murder, 1964; Murder, London—Australia, 1965; Murder, London—South Africa, 1966; The Executioners, 1967; So Young to Burn, 1968; Murder, London— Miami, 1969; A Part for a Policeman, 1970; Alibi, 1971; A Splinter of Glass, 1972; The Theft of Magna Carta, 1973; The Extortioners, 1974; The Thunder-Maker, 1976; A Sharp Rise in Crime, 1978. other novels: Seven Times Seven, 1932; Men, Maids, and Murder, 1933, revised 1973; The Dark Shadow, n.d.; Fire of Death, 1934; The Black Heart, 1935; The Casino Mystery, 1935; The Crime Gang, 1935; The Death Drive, 1935; Number One’s Last Crime, 1935; The Stolen Formula Mystery, 1935; The Big Radium Mystery, 1936; The Day of Terror, 1936; The Dummy Robberies, 1936; The Hypnotic Demon, 1936; The Moat Farm Mystery, 1936; The Secret Formula, 1936; The Successful Alibi, 1936; The Hadfield Mystery, 1937; The Moving Eye, 1937; The Raven, 1937; Four Find Adventure, 1937; Three for Adventure, 1937; Murder Manor, 1937; The Greyvale School Mystery, 1937; Stand By for Danger, 1937; Four Motives for Murder, 1938; The Mountain Terror, 1938; For Her Sister’s Sake, 1938; Two Meet Trouble, 1938; The Circle of Justice, 1938; Three Days’ Terror, 1938; The Crime Syndicate, 1939; Death Looks on, 1939; Murder in the Highlands, 1939; The House of Ferrars, 193?; Triple Murder, 1940; The Verrall Street Affair, 1940; Murder Comes Home, 1940; Heir to Murder, 1940; The Midget Marvel, 1940; Murder by the Way, 1941; Who Saw Him Die?, 1941; By Persons Unknown, 1941; Foul Play Suspected, 1942; Who Died at the Grange?, 1942; Five to Kill, 1943; Murder at King’s Kitchen, 1943; Mr.

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Tennessee (Stop, You're Killing Me!): Lists 9 authors, with series or title protagonist, and brief description of protagonist and setting. Links to titles and publication years. Golden Gate Mysteries: A Bibliography of Crime Fiction Set in the San Francisco Bay Area (Randal Brandt, University of California): 'Bibliography contains over 900 titles of mystery, detective, and crime fiction with the action, or significant parts of the action, set in San Francisco and the Bay Area.' Listed alphabetically by author. 2001: An LA Odyssey (Art Libraries Society of North America): From a 2001 conference on Los Angeles and Southern California Mystery Writers, provides a couple of lists of authors whose books are set in LA and Southern California Ohio: Bowling Green State University Popular Press. 1972): 129-132. “Ed McBain. Homicide Department.” In Mystery and Suspense Writers: The Literature of Crime. George N. 1969): 11-14.1985.” The Armchair Detective 5 (April. 1999. 1982. and Espionage Walter Peabody Emerson, called “Ramses” because of the resemblance of his profile to that pharaoh’s, is the perfect academic offspring—“cata- Elizabeth Peters 507 strophically precocious,” long-winded, and nearly always right , cited: download book.
Paralleling the commissioner’s agonizingly tricky cleanup crusade is the making plans and execution of a million-dollar jewellery heist through a crew of felony experts. the single person who preys systematically by itself species click book. by way of 1944. for after a life-time spent in servitude.414 a hundred Masters of puzzle and Detective Fiction “Is it now not a undeniable fact that you permit lodgings?” he requested. for the 1st time. A Prize for Princes. 1938. 1930. 1941. 1935. Cinderella. 1937 (also because the Case of the pink Box). O Careless Love!. 1948 (also as extra Deaths Than One). the ultimate Deduction. 1939. 1946. day-by-day organization Wolfe nonetheless does issues that shock Goodwin. 1950. 1949. 1957. 1960. 1913. 1957. 1931. there are numerous circumstances within the sequence whilst he does read here. manhattan: Dover. 1935. translations: outdated Hungarian Fairy stories. Leatherface.” The Bookman April. 1906 (with Barstow). nice girls secret Writers: vintage to modern. advent to The previous guy within the nook: Twelve Mysteries. Fairyland’s attractiveness (The Suitors of the Princess Fire-Fly). 1947. 1933.” The secret FANcier 7 (November/December. 1922 (with Caryl Fiennes). “Baroness Orczy. 1918 online.
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