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With the exception of a year spent in Menlo Park. leaving an insurance policy of twenty-five hundred dollars. The killer’s identity is known without a doubt. and the man’s umbrella and bag lying close at hand. identified as part of a cheap rug or curtain. disposed of the murder weapon. and has seen him lose the bit of string. however. even by an unexperienced reader of mysteries. The real villain of the story is a father who refused to play checkers with his daughter, thus consigning her to the street to become a criminal, and behind that individual villain is the larger villain eminently more culpable for O.

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Publisher: McFarland (October 31, 2014)

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Le Chiffre wants to recoup his losses at the gaming table to pay back the money he has stolen from the Soviet secret service. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963). Emilio Largo in Thunderball (1961) is involved with hijacking nuclear bombs and threatening to destroy British and American cities if Washington and London do not pay an appropriate ransom Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery. If the jewel is not returned within a month of its stoletery, the jewel will explode its power to the universe and shant the planets with glue and gunk that contains the power of the jewel. The thief, people say, was stole by Universal Crime's very own Luke Pulltry Holt, also a Science Fiction author, no known Web page Samuel Holt: see Donald E. Westlake Victoria Holt: pseudonym of Eleanor Alice Hibbert nee Burford (1906-?): British * 18 mystery/romance novels as Victoria Holt * 4 mystery/romance novels as Elbur Ford * 3 mystery/romance novels as Philippa Carr * 4 unrelated novels as Victoria Holt * 30 unrelated novels as Eleanor Burford * 70 historical novels as Jean Plaidy * 8 novels as Kathleen Kellow * 5 novels as Ellalice Tate * 10 unrelated novels as Philippa Carr * 6 other novels as Jean Plaidy Hugh Holton, no known Web page Leonard Holton: pseudonym of Leonard Patrick O'Connor Wibberly (9 Apr 1915-22 Nov 1983) Irish journalist, editor, bureau chief: * 11 mystery/detective novels with series character Father Joseph Bredder * 22 unrelated novels as Leonard Wibberly, including the "Mouse" series: * The Mouse That Roared [Boston: Little Brown, 1955] * Beware of the Mouse [New York: Putnam, 1958] * The Mouse on the Moon [New York: Morrow, 1962] nominally science fiction, {film hotlink to be done} * The Mouse on Wall Street [New York: Morrow, 1969] * The Mouse that Saved the West [New York: Morrow, 1981] and other science fiction/fantasy including: * Homeward to Ithaka [Morrow, 1978] * One in Four [Morrow, 1976] * The Quest of Excalibur [Putnam, 1959] * 20 juvenile novels [some mystery/detective, at least one "Encounter Near Venus" science fiction] * 16 juvenile novels as Patrick O'Connor * 6 juvenile novels as Christopher Webb * 6 plays * 1 ballet scenario "Encounter Near Venus" * 2 books of poetry for children * 14 nonfiction books (humor, history, travel) * 11 nonfiction juveniles (history, biography) Susan Holtzer; San Francisco, California: Susan Holtzer e-mail Susan Holtzer * Books with series characters Anneke Haagen (computer programmer) and Lieutenant Karl Genesko (Ann Arbor Police Department) set at the University of Michigan include: * Bleeding Maize And Blue [St click for free.
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