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By James Carville

Every 4 years americans carry a presidential election. an individual wins and an individual loses. that is lifestyles. yet 2008 used to be an anomaly. The election of President Barack Obama is ready anything a long way larger than 4 or perhaps 8 years within the White condominium. because 2004, american citizens were witnessing and collaborating within the emergence of a Democratic majority that would final now not 4 yet 40 years.

To comprehend the emergence of a long-lasting Democratic majority we will first need to spend a couple of moments reviewing the profound and incessant incompetence of the Bush management -- and the pursuant cave in of the Republican social gathering. that suggests on reflection on the failure of Republican rules -- together with a wholesale rejection of the parable of conservative superiority at the financial system -- and preserving our noses lengthy adequate to survey the gallery of actually repellent scoundrels, scandals, and screwups that the Republican celebration has been answerable for during the last 8 years.

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Think about the Republicans’ major efforts to ding Democrats on corruption. 6 Anyone want to take a guess at how many Reagan administration officials were convicted, indicted, or investigated? 7 The Republican Party is a parade of the corrupt, from Duke Cunningham to Governor Jim Gibbons with his briefcase full of cash and poker chips8 to Senator Ted Stevens,9 now a convicted felon whose November 2008 “Checkers” speech left all eyes dry. Lest they feel neglected, let’s not forget Tom DeLay, charged with money-laundering and conspiracy, or Jack Abramoff, whose deeds are so notorious he no longer needs an explanation to follow his name.

When I ran the title of this chapter by my Republican friends—the most preeminent writers, strategists, and politicians I could find—none of them contradicted me. Republicans are ready to admit that the Republicans are in real trouble. America doesn’t want any more of what the Republicans have to offer, and the Republican Party is in full finger-pointing, backstabbing mode. In campaigns, there are two slogans: stay the course, and time for a change. Change won in 2006, and it won again in 2008.

Why the Republicans Got Spanked in 2008 4. Katrina: The Failures of Republican-Run Government TRULY FAITH-BASED LIVING 5. The Democrats 6. What Happened to Hillary 7. A Brief History of Republican Failures: The e-Edition 8. Res Judicata: We Argue About Things That Aren’t Arguable RICK SANTORUM 9. Just the Facts, Ma’am 10. Spike the Ball: Truman-Carville-Bartels vs. Limbaugh-Gingrich-Bush IT’S NOT SUPPLY AND DEMAND 11. Youth Voters 12. Accountability, Not Reform 13. The Real Deal Conclusion Epilogue: Why I Moved to New Orleans The Story of a Friend Who Survived Hurricane Katrina Notes Acknowledgments Preface Every four years, Americans hold a presidential election.

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