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By François Zaninotto, Fabien Potencier

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During the project setup, symfony automatically adds some stubs with a few basic tests. web/ The root for the web server. The only files accessible from the Internet are the ones located in this directory. php Listing 2-15 Table 2-2 describes the application subdirectories. Table 2-2 - Application Subdirectories Directory Description config/ Holds a hefty set of YAML configuration files. This is where most of the application configuration is, apart from the default parameters that can be found in the framework itself.

Of course, you can tweak these settings thanks to the following options: • --escaping-strategy: Enables or disables output escaping • --csrf-secret: Enables session tokens in forms If you know nothing about XSS26 or CSRF27, take the time to learn more about these security vulnerabilities. Directory Structure Rights Before trying to access your newly created project, you need to set the write permissions on the cache/ and log/ directories to the appropriate levels, so that both your web server and command line user can write to them: 25.

You should also try to access the application in the development environment (see the next section for more information about environments). php/ The web debug toolbar should show in the top right corner, including small icons proving that your sf/ alias configuration is correct. ----------------- Brought to you by Listing 3-28 Chapter 3: Running Symfony 46 The setup is a little different if you want to run symfony on an IIS server in a Windows environment. Find how to configure it in the related tutorial28.

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