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By Mary Heath

Chosen tales from the Massachusetts evaluate.

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I echoed stupidly. Pop was eating a bagel, trying to negotiate it in spite of his insecure teeth. He looked at me shyly, blinking. "He didn't tell you? Sam" She lay one wrinkled but manicured hand on his bare arm. She was a woman who made disappointment into a charming pretext for flirtation. How my mother would have laughed. "Sam! " she'd have said. A little trinket. But Frieda turned her widened eyes on all of us with innocent enthusiasm. "Yeshe didn't tell you we knew each other in the old old days?

The cowboy thought for a while and handed back the pad. " Billy let out a long sigh. " "Then why . " "Thank you. " The next man he interviewed was Horace Clemmons, a bank officer at the local savings and loan. As the old man sat down in the office, Billy looked him over and thought how pleased Trouple would be. Clemmons wore a three-piece suit, his gray hair was neatly combed, his Florsheims gleamed, and in his face was an aura of upper-middle-class composure. People would see his picture in the paper and know that the man who pulled the switch on Miller Babin Page 24 was a gentleman.

Cowering. Then that sign would blink again and I wasn't so sure. I saw Janie's face, innocent of worry (though I tried to see it anywhere but in the bedroom) and I saw the blond, thoroughly gentile, slim-hipped woman (a student of mine, not, to be honest, as innocent as my wife) who wanted me enough to put a lot of foregone conclusions in danger, hers and mine; and it was my father who seemed, or at least ought, I thought, to be begging me to do it, leave the strait and narrow, seize the hour and be bad.

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