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By Hugh Kenner

Samuel Beckett, who wrote every little thing either in French and English, really expert in brief enigmatic texts, implying colossal visionary works of which the tales are damaged items. Kenner's advisor is designed to aid readers see past the tale in Beckett to the textual content as an entire and to understand the distinctiveness of every of his works.

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Three words and three words, pivoted on a 'when', and 'flies' alliterated with the incongruous 'fun'. For nothing satisfies the mind like balance; nothing has so convincing a look of being substantial. The mind recoils from the random. That 'honesty is the best policy' seems a selfevident truth chiefly because the words are of metrical equivalence: honesty, policy. Proverbs work like that; sentences, even, work like that, and it is only by a difficult effort of at-35Questia Media America, Inc.

Publication Year: 1973. Page Number: 44. of the 1962 radio play, Words and Music. The man who compares himself to Christ is like Gogo in Waiting for Godot ('All my life I've compared myself to him'). The man whose agitated life is an endless journeying, a via crucis interrupted only by episodes of collapse, will become Molloy, Moran, Malone, Macmann, Mahood, all those weary journeyers of the novels. In these works the themes and situations need no commentary, so direct and so untrammeled is their eloquence.

Page Number: 62. So Lobachevsky elaborated a system in which no parallel lines were possible, and later systems were elaborated in which many parallel lines might all pass through the same point, and so far were such non-Euclidean systems from being empty games that Einstein incorporated one of them into his map of relativity's cosmos. In the same way, says Beckett, let us assume that to be is to be perceived, and make a film. Or, let us assume that Godot will never come, and write Waiting for Godot .

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