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S. Hu, J. Y. 349-354,(2000). [3] X. C. Wang, X. H. Jiang, J. 63-65, (2002). [4] X. K. Zhang, X. F. Lu, C. 2647-2650, (2006). [5] C. D. Zang, G. L. 6, 16-19, (1999). [6] W. G. Pan, Y. B. Zhou, Y. Z. 528 – 532, (2010). [7] F. Y. Zhou, J. M. Shan, W. 57-62, (2009) [8] C. S. Wang, Research and Realization of Ship Course Autopilot Based on Auto Disturbance Rejection Controller, Shandong University, p:53, (2009). [9] W. F. 37-40,(2009). cn Keywords: Diarylethene, Different substituents, Photochromism, Optical Recording.

Emission intensity changes of diarylethene 1a in PMMA upon irradiation with 297 nm UV light. 30 Advances in Materials Science Fluorescence of diarylethenes 1a. The fluorescence intensity of diarylethene 1a decreased dramatically along with the photochromism from open-ring isomer to closed-ring isomer upon irradiation with 297 nm light in PMMA. As shown in Fig. 3, when irradiated by light of 297 nm, the photocyclization reaction was carried out and the fluorescent closed-ring form of the compound became week.

Absorption spectra of diarylethene 1 in PMMA film before and after irradiation are also investigated. Diarylethene 1o also underwent reversible photochromic reaction in PMMA film. Its absorption spectral changes were shown in Fig. 1B. The maximum absorption of 1o was observed at 282 nm, and that of 1c centered at 537 nm. The result indicated that the maximum absorption peaks of the open-ring and the closed-ring isomers of diarylethene 1 in PMMA film are much longer than those in hexane. The red shift phenomena in PMMA film in comparison with that in hexane can be ascribed to the stabilization of molecular arrangement in solid state [16].

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