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By Sheila Anderson

The times have become hotter. and they are getting longer. child birds are hatching. The grass is popping eco-friendly. have you learnt what season is right here? it truly is spring! What else occurs in spring? learn this booklet to determine!

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Spring? Summer? Winter?

Soon its downy feathers have dried. The chick is ready to explore its surroundings. A chick’s egg tooth falls off within a day after the chick hatches. The chick starts growing feathers just a few weeks later. She’ll look more like a chicken than a chick in no time! A chick watches another chick hatch. 29 Glossary breeze: a mild wind bud: a leaf or flower that has not yet opened emerge: to come out energize: to become active and full of energy fawn: a baby deer hatch: to break out from inside an egg hibernation: the practice of spending winter in a sleeplike state moist: wet shed: to lose fur 30 Further Reading Baxter, Nicola.

One tiny chick is inside each egg. The mother chicken sits on the eggs after she lays them. Soon the chicks are ready to hatch. A chick picks at its eggshell when it’s ready to hatch. This is called pipping . A chick has a tiny “horn” on the top of its beak. The horn is called an egg tooth. The chick uses its egg tooth to break out of its egg. 28 It’s a lot of work for a chick to break out of its egg! The chick is wet and tired when it first breaks free. It may lie still and rest for a few hours.

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