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By Clarence S. Ross (Author), Robert L. Smith (Author)

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Colossal Cave itself, limited in extent by the size of the block of Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, was dissolved by groundwater seeping through joints in the Escabrosa Limestone, probably early in Pliocene time. ) Groundwa­ ter solution occurred most readily right at the surface of the ground­ water, where acidified rain water trickling through joints in the limestone most readily dissolved it. As the land rose, lower levels of the cave were excavated. Sometime after solution of the cave, the water drained away.

I. J "·,} � · - I 1. _ . _ _ _ ! I · -· - j_j A site of crustal spreading that may signal the birth of a new ocean basin, the gulf of California-Salton Sea graben cuts across Arizona's southwest corner. 47 and can no longer serve the domestic and agricultural needs of the strip of Mexico that lies between here and the Gulf of California - a bone of contention between nations. Water for Mexico is now desalted in a large Bureau of Reclamation plant just east of Yuma, and put back into the river to complete its southward journey.

The Little Dragoons just north of the highway are also rich in copper-lead-zinc ores. The mine on their east flank, near the contact between Paleozoic rocks and pink granite porphyry of the main mountain, has been in operation off and on since 1881. On their west flank, the Tungsten King mine produced tungsten ores from a mass of coarse granite porphyry. 53 Second terrace has been eroded away on one side As many as three terrace levels border the San Pedro River. Each represents a period during which an overburdened stream widened its channel and filled it part way with rock debris, followed by a period of downcutting.

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