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By National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Committee on the Future of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

Introduced together in 1997 by way of the nationwide Aeronautics and area management (NASA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration organisation (JAXA), the Tropical Rainfall Measuring undertaking (TRMM) is a satellite tv for pc project that positioned a distinct suite of tools, together with the 1st precipitation radar, in area. those tools are used to observe and expect tropical cyclone tracks and depth, estimate rainfall, and visual display unit weather variability (precipitation and sea floor temperature). TRMM has been amassing facts for seven years: this knowledge is utilized by the Joint storm caution heart, the nationwide middle for Environmental Prediction, and the nationwide typhoon middle, between others world wide. In July 2004, NASA introduced that it can terminate TRMM in August 2004. on the request of the nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric management (NOAA), the White condo, and the technological know-how group, NASA agreed to proceed TRMM operations in the course of the finish of 2004. in the meantime, NASA requested a countrywide learn Council (NRC) committee to supply recommendation at the advantages of maintaining TRMM in operation past 2004. After protecting a workshop with a few specialists within the box, the committee stumbled on that TRMM will give a contribution considerably to operations and technology if the project is prolonged; and as a result, strongly recommends endured operation of TRMM with the caveat that expense and probability might want to be additional tested prior to a last determination concerning the way forward for TRMM will be made.

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LONGEVITY AND STATUS OF TRMM SENSORS AND SPACECRAFT Apart from the CERES sensor that failed after eight months, there are presently no indications of instrument, platform, or bus degradation; the TRMM 3A sunsynchronous orbit is one in which a satellite will always pass over the same point on Earth at the same local Sun time and at fixed time intervals. A non-sunsynchronous orbit means that the satellite passes over the same point at different local Sun times. 4 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) conducted an independent assessment of the TRMM spacecraft and instruments.

And nowcasting has reached new levels of fidelity by incorporating microwave remotely sensed data. Earlier infrared-only algorithms were limited by the poor correlations between cloud-top temperatures and actual rainfall and thus physical retrievals using passive microwave imagers such as SSM/I and TMI data brought greater accuracy. However, microwave imagers do not provide the temporal sampling required for rapidly changing rain events. Consequently, “merged” infrared-microwave techniques evolved, and infrared data from geostationary satellites are trained using microwave imagers.

First, operating costs are projected to be lower than current values in fiscal year 2005 and beyond because of current efforts to increase automation within flight operations, thereby reducing staffing levels. , NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center manpower and other annual rate fluctuations). Second, the estimates reflect the “most probable” timing for reaching controlled reentry fuel threshold of 138 kg and a fiscal year 2004 Program Operating Plan guideline. aCost of maintaining staffing of flight control.

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