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By Michele Barone, Emilio Borchi, Andrea Gaddi, Claude Leroy, Larry Price, Pier-Giorgio Rancoita, Randal Ruchti

The exploration of the subnuclear global is finished via more and more advanced experiments overlaying a variety of energies and in a wide number of environments - from particle accelerators, underground detectors to satellites and house laboratories. For those examine courses to be triumphant, novel ideas, new fabrics and new instrumentation must be utilized in detectors, usually on a wide scale. therefore, particle physics is on the vanguard of technological development and results in quite a few purposes. between those, clinical functions have a specific value a result of well-being and social merits they carry. This quantity stories the advances made in all technological points of present experiments within the box.

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All the chambers accepted are sent to CERN to be integrated with tracking chambers and to be installed on the apparatus. All the data collected during this test phase, will be the starting point to setup the ATLAS Muon trigger detectors in the barrel region, and an accurate analysis of this data will be used to improve the Resistive Plate Chambers detector knowledge. References 1. R. Cardarelli, Nucl. Instr. and Meth 187, 377 (1981) 2. , ATLAS Muon Spectrometer Technical Design Report, CERNLHCC 97-22, ATLAS TDR 10 (1997).

5 Gs/s sam- 28 pling rate) triggered by the laser output sync, that had a maximum jitter of 15 ps as respect to the delivered light pulse. In addition, the signal was sent after a passive T divider to an EG-G Ortec 570 shaper (shaping time ~ lfis, gain ~ 200) followed by an Ortec TRUMP-8k Multichannel Analyzer installed on a PC. In part of the timing measurements, the same MCA chain was used with an ORTEC 566 TAC and a CF 8000 Ortec discriminator, while in the other the PMT signal was split 50% to an ADC line and 50% to a TDC line.

With detailed photogrammetry, before and after chamber installation, it was shown that the entire detector stayed within the required mechanical tolerances. 3. Readout Chambers The ALICE TPC readout [1] is based on conventional multi-wire proportional counters with cathode pad readout. The segmentation of the readout pad plane was chosen to optimize, in the high multiplicity environment of central Pb-Pb collisions, the momentum and dE/dx resolution. The radial dependence of the track density led to two different types of readout chambers and a radial segmentation of the readout plane.

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