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By Edward S. Macias, Philip K. Hopke, Chemical Congress of the North American

content material: New advancements in receptor modeling idea / S.K. Friedlander --
the applying of issue research to city aerosol resource solution / Philip okay. Hopke --
Composition of resource parts wanted for aerosol receptor types / Glen E. Gordon, William H. Zoller, Gregory S. Kowalczyk, and Scott W. Rheingrover --
evaluate of the chemical receptor version of aerosol resource apportionment / John A. Cooper --
The cutting-edge of receptor versions touching on ambient suspended particulate subject to resources / John G. Watson, Ronald C. Henry, John A. Cooper, and Edward S. Macias --
Air particulate keep watch over process improvement : a brand new process utilizing chemical mass stability equipment / John E. middle, Patrick L. Hanrahan, and John A. Cooper --
Chemical species contributions to gentle scattering by way of aerosols at a distant arid web site : comparability of statistical and theoretical effects / J.R. Ouimette, R.C. Flagan, and A.R. Kelso --
Aerosols from a laboratory pulverized coal combustor / D.D. Taylor and R.C. Flagan --
Elemental composition of atmospheric fantastic debris emitted from coal burned in a contemporary electrical energy plant outfitted with a flue-gas desulfurization process / J.M. Ondov, A.H. Biermann, R.E. Heft, and R.F. Koszykowski --
assets and fates of atmospheric polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons / Ronald A. Hites --
Atmospheric particulate natural topic : multivariate types for deciding on resources and estimating their contributions to the ambient aerosol / J.M. Daisey and T.J. Kneip --
an automatic thermal-optical process for the research of carbonaceous aerosol / Richard L. Johnson, Jitendra J. Shah, Robert A. Cary, and James J. Huntzicker --
Wintertime carbonaceous aerosols in l. a. : an exploration of the position of elemental carbon / M.H. Conklin, G.R. Cass, L.-C. Chu, and E.S. Macias --
Carbonaceous city aerosol : fundamental or secondary? / Lih-Ching Chu and Edward S. Macias --
Comparisons among size-segregated resuspended soil samples and ambient aerosols within the western usa / T.A. Cahill, L.L. Ashbaugh, R.A. Eldred, P.J. Feeney, B.H. Kusko, and R.G. Flocchini --
Aerosol composition when it comes to air mass routine in north China / John W. Winchester, Michael Darzi, Alistair C.D. Leslie, Wang Mingxing, Ren Lixin, and Lü Weixiu --
assets of airborne calcium in rural principal Illinois / Donald F. Gatz, Gary J. Stensland, Michael V. Miller, and Alistair C.D. Leslie --
The impression of Owens Dry Lake on air caliber within the Owens Valley with implications for the Mono Lake region / J.B. Barone, L.L. Ashbaugh, B.H. Kusko, and T.A. Cahill.

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Atmospheric Aerosol. Source/Air Quality Relationships

Content material: New advancements in receptor modeling thought / S. ok. Friedlander -- the applying of issue research to city aerosol resource solution / Philip ok. Hopke -- Composition of resource elements wanted for aerosol receptor versions / Glen E. Gordon, William H. Zoller, Gregory S. Kowalczyk, and Scott W.

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T h i s work has been supported i n part by the U n i v e r s i t y of I l l i n o i s Campus Research Board, the U. S. Environmental P r o t e c t i o n Agency (Contracts D6004NAEX and 68-02-3449 and Grant R808229) and the U. S. A000). Literature Cited 1. Rozett, R. ; Petersen, E. M. Methods of Factor Analysis of Mass Spectra, Anal. , 1975, 47, 1301. 2. Rozett, R. ; Petersen, E. M. Classification of Compounds by the Factor Analysis of their Mass Spectra, Anal. , 1976, 48, 817. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981.

65100. 09 46400. 96 235. 0. 9500. 74 27700. 47 122. 0 6060. 65000. 2 250. 52 Average Error a - n o t r e p o r t e d by Bowman e t a l . » 1973 Th Sm U Na Sc Mn Cs La Fe Al Dy Hf Ba Rb Ce Lu Nd Yb Tb Ta Eu K Sb Zn Cr Ti Co Ca V Element Phase A 9. 10 46000. 1 45. 4 300. 40 10400. 245. 7 27600. 76 134. 7 6700. 65000. 6 Reported T a b l e 5. 64 2480. 20 118. 186. 9380. 6 78900. 302. 18 135. 54 24600. 0 1420. 0. 5 80100. 84300. 63 2510. 20 118. 186. 9370. 6 78800. 301. 54 24600. 0 1420. 0. 5 80100.

22. Roscoe, Β. ; Hopke, P. K. Comparison of Weighted and Unweighted Target Transformation Rotations in Factor Analysis, Computers and Chemistry, in press. 23. Bowman, H. ; Asaro, F . ; Perlman, I. On the Uniformity of Composition in Obsidians and Evidence for Magnetic Mixing, J. Geology, 1973, 81, 312. 24. Rheingrover, S. W. S. Thesis, Florida State University, 1977. 25. Greenberg, R. R,; Gordon, G. E . ; Zoller, W. H. Composition of Particles from the Nicosia Municipal Incinerator, Environ. Sci.

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