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By Byung-Gyu Kim, Kalyan Goswami

This publication discusses intimately the elemental algorithms of video compression which are accepted in glossy video codec. The authors dissect complex requirements and current fabric in a manner that will get readers speedy in control via describing video compression algorithms succinctly, with out going to the mathematical information and technical requisites. For sped up studying, hybrid codec constitution, inter- and intra- prediction thoughts in MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, and HEVC are mentioned jointly. moreover, the newest examine within the quick encoder layout for the HEVC and H.264/AVC can also be included.

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Motion variation within each nonoverlapping block can be characterized well, and motion vectors can be estimated independently. This method provides a good compromise between accuracy and complexity. In this technique, the motion vector is calculated for each block independently. The main challenge in this method is how to specify the search area of a block. This implies that if a block is placed in a certain position in the reference frame, then one has to estimate the corresponding tentative positions of the block in the current frame.

This is shown in Fig. 15 Hence, after applying the Huffman coding, the corresponding coding values of each symbol are a1 D 1, a2 D 00, a3 D 011, a4 D 0100, a5 D 01010, and a6 D 01011. If we calculate it properly, then the average length of this code is 2:2 bits per pixel. Huffman’s procedure creates the optimal code for a set of symbols and probabilities subject to the constraint that the symbols be coded one at a time. 04 Fig. 4 Fig. 2 Arithmetic Coding Arithmetic coding is also a variable length coding (VLC) scheme requiring a priori knowledge of the symbol probabilities.

On the other hand, the rest of the six modes have little complex way to calculate the predicted pixels, and each of the pixels in the macroblock need not to have the same predicted value. To understand it more easily, Fig. 5 provides a pictorial view of the predicted value of each pixel in the macroblock. 5 is self explanatory, and we hope the readers will understand the calculation techniques of intra-prediction for each pixel in the macroblock. So far, we have discussed about the intra-prediction only for the smaller blocks (4 4 and 8 8).

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