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Y; Understanding Operator Precedence With simple expressions, such as 3 + 4, it’s clear what needs to be done (in this case, “add 3 and 4 to produce 7”). Once you start using more than one operator in an expression, however, things aren’t so clear-cut. Consider the following example: 3 + 4 * 5 Is PHP supposed to add 3 to 4 to produce 7, then multiply the result by 5 to produce a final figure of 35? Or should it multiply 4 by 5 first to get 20, then add 3 to make 23? This is where operator precedence comes into play.

Css style sheet file contains selectors to style some common HTML elements — including the h1 heading used in the page — to produce the nicer-looking result. css file in your document root folder, because it’s used throughout other examples in this book. ”). php ... > tags. ” example shows how you can write a simple PHP script, but the code does nothing useful — you could just as easily achieve the same effect with a simple HTML page. In this section you enhance the script to display the current time.

It also means that you don’t need to worry about specifying the type of a variable when you declare it. However, PHP won’t tell you if you accidentally pass around data of the wrong type. For example, PHP will happily let you pass a floating-point value to a piece of code that expects to be working on an integer value. You probably won’t see an error message, but you may discover that the output of your script isn’t quite what you expected! These types of errors can be hard to track down. ) Testing the Type of a Variable You can determine the type of a variable at any time by using PHP’s gettype() function.

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