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By Steven J. Brams

During this strange e-book, first released by means of The MIT Press in 1980 and now up to date with a brand new bankruptcy, Steven Brams applies the mathematical idea of video games to the Hebrew Bible. Brams's thesis is that God and the human biblical characters acted rationally—that is, given their personal tastes and their wisdom of alternative avid gamers' personal tastes, they made procedure offerings that resulted in the easiest possible outcomes.

starting with the production and concentrating on these tales richest in clash and intrigue, Brams makes use of easy game-theoretic instruments to clarify the rational calculations of biblical gamers and to teach exactly the demeanour within which they sought to accomplish their targets. He is based nearly completely on noncooperative idea, utilising either video game tree and matrix sorts of video games. Brams makes use of his strategic analyses to construct a close review of God's personality and motivations, together with the explanations for His often wrathful habit. Brams's insights have program to religious study, the philosophy of faith, political conception, and video game idea and methodology.

within the new bankruptcy, Brams surveys the literature of the previous 20 years on political-strategic interpretations of the Hebrew Bible. He additionally extends the game-theoretic research, utilizing the speculation of strikes, to check a counterfactual situation—what if Abraham had refused God's command to sacrifice Isaac?—and to envision the rationality of believing in a superb being.

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Since Axelrod, two types of approaches are developed to test the efficiency or robustness of a strategy and further to derive optimal strategies: (1) Round-robin tournaments. (2) Evolutionary dynamics. Round-robin tournament shows the efficiency of a strategy in competing with others, while ecological simulation illustrates the evolutionary robustness of a strategy in terms of the number of descendants or survivability in a certain environment. Lots of novel strategies have been developed and analyzed by means of these approaches.

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