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By Jeverson Frazzon, Johan Spee, Jason Christiansen, Dennis R. Dean (auth.), Andrzej Legocki, Hermann Bothe, Alfred Pühler (eds.)

Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) - the conversion of molecular nitrogen into ammonia - is among the most crucial reactions in ecology and agriculture. it truly is played solely by means of microbes (prokaryotes) that reside in symbiosis with crops. This ebook summarizes the most recent examine in this response, the partaking microbes and the genetics of the way their correct genes will be transferred into the crops. within the mild of a extra sustainable and not more ecologically destructive agriculture, this is often turning into an more and more urgent issue.

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Some isolates nodulate Acacia and some isolates nodulate Sesbania, which is also nodulated by Sinorhizobium saheli. It was found that the introduction of the nodD 1 gene of R. sp. , 1996). This revealed that a number of S. saheli isolates that nodulate Sesbania have a particular NF profile, similar to the A. caulinodans NF profile, with no detectable sulfated nod-dependent compounds. S. teranga isolates nodulating Sesbania have the same TLC profile. In contrast, S. teranga strains nodulating Acacia had a different TLC profIle showing the production of sulfated compounds.

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