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In such closures the moral is simply the unfolding of the final scene of a plot. For instance, in Turner’s “The Giddy Girl,” Miss Helen disobeys her mother, slips into a well, and drowns. In Caroline Horwood’s “The Greedy Impatient Girl,” young Ellinor demands pudding from the servants and burns her mouth. In “Edward Thought he Knew Better than his Mamma” from the anonymous The Keepsake; or, Poems and Pictures for Childhood and Youth (1818), Edward is warned to stay off the ice, goes out anyway, plunges headlong into freezing water, and is bedridden for months.

Holmes, Mamma’s Verses: or, Lines for Little Londoners J. E. 1 43 34 53 31 38 40 38 30 31 54 30 30 34 40 79 14 0% 0% 4% 3% 0% 2% 0% 10% Iambic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 49% Iambic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 68% Anapestic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 77% Iambic tetrameter couplets: 35% Iambic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 68% Iambic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 33% Anapestic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 53% Iambic tetrameter and/or trimeter: 90% 49% 6% 36% 25% 24% 44% 24% 35% 44% 9% 19% 19% 7% 25% 53% 9% 9% 85% 42% 16% 60% 30% 8% 37% 2% 9% 10% 8% 20% 37% 20% 26 Reading Romantic-Era Children’s Verse 27 On the rare occasions when iambic pentameter is used, it signals a somber subject or a poem that gestures to adult poetic conventions.

This anecdotal verse eschews the formal moral closure, and it often has a fresh, contemporary feel. It is sometimes written as narrative and sometimes in a dramatic form. ” All of these poems are in the dramatic monologue mode, which adds to a sense of immediacy, as in “Learning to Go Alone,” in which a toddler learns to take her first steps: Come my darling, come away, Take a pretty walk to day; .........................

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