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By way of Tuba, Zoltan ( writer ) [{ Bryophyte Ecology and weather switch through Tuba, Zoltan ( writer ) Dec - 31- 2010 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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The responses of bryophytes are likely to interact in quite complex ways with climatic factors, often both earlier than and different from those of vascular plants. A great deal of recent research on bryophyte responses to all the above factors of climate change, both present and predicted, in diverse ecosystems and on several continents, is presented in succeeding chapters. Although polar bears have recently been referred to, in relation to global warming, as the new “canaries in the coal mine,” it is the bryophytes that deserve that title.

1998), and finally to cell death. Heat and thermotolerance of Funaria moss sporophytes is a lesser known area and they are thought to be more sensitive to temperature than gametophytes. Nevertheless, sporophytic embryos of at least two desert mosses exhibit a phenological pattern of over-summering, thus tolerating long periods of thermal stress while desiccated (Stark 1997; Bonine 2004). It was hypothesized (McLetchie & Stark 2006) that the sporophytes of Microbryum starckeanum, a species found at lower elevations in the Mojave Desert, would exhibit reduced thermotolerance relative to gametophytes.

In Photosynthesis from Light to Biosphere, ed. P. Mathis, Vol. V, pp. 925 8. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. , Taka´cs, Z. et al. (2001). Responses of nine bryophyte and one lichen species from different microhabitats to elevated UV B radiation. Photosynthetica 39: 317 20. Davidson, A. , Harborne, J. B. & Longton, R. E. (1989). Identification of hydroxycinnamic acid and phenolic acids in Mnium hornum and Brachythecium rutabulum and their possible role in protection against herbivory. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 67: 415 22.

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