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By John D. Buckley and Dan D. Edie (Auth.)

The foremost components of carbon-carbon fabrics and composites are defined during this complete quantity. It offers info and know-how at the fabrics and buildings constructed for the creation of carbon-carbon fabrics and composites. The textual content consists of papers via thirteen famous authors of their parts of workmanship when it comes to the methods and creation of those fabric platforms and constructions.

The subject material within the publication is prepared to guide the reader via fabrics processing, fabrication, structural research, and purposes of normal carbon-carbon items. the knowledge supplied contains: fiber know-how, matrix fabric, layout of composite constructions, production ideas, engineering mechanics, protecting coatings, and structural purposes utilizing carbon-carbon fabrics and composites

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Method for Manufacturing Carbon Fibers by a Vapor Phase Process. Japanese Patent 1982-58,966, 1983. 39 Chapter 3 Effect of Microstructure and Shape Carbon Fiber Properties D. D. Edie and E. G. Stoner Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina Introduction 42 Carbon Fiber Processes 43 Effect of Graphite Structure on Fiber Properties 44 Brittle Failure Mechanism 45 Microstructure of Carbon Fibers 47 Microstructure of PAN-Based Carbon Fibers 47 Microstructure of Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers 48 Effect of Micro structure on Fiber Properties 53 Effect of Microstructure on Tensile Properties of Carbon Fibers 54 PAN-Based Carbon Fibers 54 Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers 55 Effect of Microstructure on Compressive Properties of Carbon Fibers PAN-Based Carbon Fibers 59 Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers 59 Effect of Fiber Shape on Fiber and Composite Properties 61 Effect of Shape on Tensile Strength of Carbon Fibers 61 PAN-Based Carbon Fibers 61 Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers 61 Effect of Shape on Compressive Strength for Carbon Fibers 62 PAN-Based Carbon Fibers 64 Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers 66 Summary 66 Acknowledgments 66 References 67 CC Materials and Composites Introduction In carbon-carbon (CC) composites, carbon fibers reinforce the brittle carbon matrix material.

3392 19 Quasi-onion Effect of Microstructure and Shape on Carbon Fiber Properties Stirrer Capillary Pitch fiber Figure 8. Stirrers used to vary microstructure of pitch-based carbon fibers (refs. 16 and 17). Hamada also measured the transverse magnetoresistance Ap/p of these fibers. As the magnetic field increases, a highly graphitized fiber shows a positive and increasing Ap/p, while a poorly graphitized or turbostratic fiber has a negative and decreasing Ap/p. From these studies, he found that the radial microstructure showed a high degree of graphitization and that microstructures produced with stirring were turbostratic.

Figure 8 shows the structure of a typical polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon in mesophase. Initially, small spheres of mesophase form in the isotropic pitch when heated for an adequate time at a sufficiently high temperature. Upon further heating, the concentration of mesophase spheres increases and causes the spheres to collide and coalesce, creating a mosaiclike, nematic liquid-crystal structure (ref. 14). Mesophase products that have a high average molecular weight and no side groups or small molecular components to cause disordering often decompose before becoming fluid enough to flow.

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