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Our science of reasoning is normative, empirical and reflective. In these respects it resembles other human sciences like linguistics and Logic. Indeed it includes parts of Logic as a sub-science. (p. 197) How similar this is, on the surface at least, to Mill's "Logic is ... a part or branch of Psychology"! But the difference, on a deeper level, is quite large. Bundy takes what I would call a Nietzschean rather than a Millean approach. He is not deriving the laws of logic from deeper psychological laws, but rather studying how the powerful, specialized reasoning tool that we call "deductive logic" fits into the general pattern of human reasoning.

At first sight, this perspective seems completely unproblematic. We think logically when we need to, alogically when we need to; and sometimes the two modes of cognition will interact. Very sensible. com 45 CHAOTIC LOGIC But, as everyone who has taken a semester of university logic is well aware, things are not so simple. Even limited Boolean logism has its troubles. I am speaking about the simple conceptual conundrums of Boolean logic, such as Hempel's paradox of confirmation and the paradoxes of implication.

As we will see a little later, Nietzsche (1888/1968) also attempted to trace the rules of logic to their psychological roots. But Nietzsche took a totally different approach: he viewed logic as a special system devised by man for certain purposes, rather than as something wholly deducible from inherent properties of mind. Mill was convinced that logic must follow automatically from "simpler" aspects of mentality, and this belief led him into psychological absurdities. The early mathematical logicians, particularly Gottlob Frege, attacked Mill with a vengeance.

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