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By Warren W. Wooden

Warren W. Wooden's pioneering experiences of early examples of kid's literature throw new mild on many approved works of the English Renaissance interval. consequently, they seem extra complicated, major, and winning than hitherto learned. In those 9 essays, wood lines the roots of English kid's literature within the Renaissance starting with the 1st published books of Caxton and varying via the  Read more...

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From Caxton to Comenius 5 copy the pictures in his original-Julien Macho's French translation of the famous Heinrich Steinhowell collection, printed by Nicholas Philippe and Marcus Reinhard in Lyons in 1480. These French cuts are in turn based on originals in the Latin text with German translation printed about 1477 by Johann Zainer at Ulm. Perhaps the simple weight of this tradition of illustrated Aesops in print impelled Caxton to employ woodcutters for his ambitious undertaking Certainly the 186 illustrations, far more than in any of his other books, makes of Caxton's Aesop a unique departure in English printing An interesting though inconclusive note that may bear upon the intended audience of Caxton's book concerns the alterations he instructed his woodcutters to make in copying the French cuts.

The Gloucester sermon casts about the audience in search of a virtuous child to serve as an exemplar of childship, but the speaker is compelled to reject successively the city children, the school children, and his fellow choristers. As to these latter, the Boy Bishop reflects that Yt is not so long sens I was one of them myself but I kan remembre what shrewdness was used among them, which I will not speake of now; but I kan not let this passe ontouched how boyyshly thei behave themselves in the church, how rashly thei cum into the quere without any reverence; never knele nor cowntenaunce to say any prayer or Pater noster; but rudely squat down on their tayles, and justle wyth ther felows for a place; a non thei startes me owt of the quere agayne, and in agayne and out agayne, and thus one after an other, I kan not tell how oft nor wherfor, but only to gadd and gas abrade, and so cum in agayne and crosse the quere fro one side to another and never rest, withowt any order, and never serve God nor our Lady with mattyns or with evynsong, no more then thei of the grammer scales; whose behaviour is in the temple as it were in ther scale ther master beyng absent, and not in the church God being present.

Amb blaftetbt ~--~--li:::::IIIIIH::-1 'i c;, c c c ic adt4 H:r ide t. t dicit. tlsulu D d 1tbc tllll)ooppoo faitiJ. ms cjulat. I $be lnfant crpet'IJ. rrntus Aat. st ~e mtno blotuctl). H h halar. ~ out. r mintrit. h ~oure tbfrpetiJ. I ' IJt 1 ; Anas tctrinuit. tl)e lDucl\ quacl\etiJ. 1 I L~tpus ululat. lrolf flotultt'IJ. Tiurmurat. mum mum £'eJ8ear lflllabletb• ,M m I 22 Children$ Literature activity Then, after the original visual stimulus provided by the child's discovery of the picture, Comenius shows the child how to look again, how to read the picture a new way through the use of numerical tags attached to the principal objects in each woodcut These are explained sequentially in simple language, first in the vernacular and then in Latin, both languages employing the numerical references to the pictures.

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