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By Yongsheng Bi

Divided into 8 chapters, this publication expounds commonly the overall wisdom and theoretical foundation of outgoing-qi treatment, the issues, education, assistance and emission of qi, the analysis of sickness via outgoing-qi, its rules and particular remedy tools, and the ideas for correcting deviations happening in the course of Qigong perform. additionally brought are 20 equipment of educating and guiding qi, 29 hand gestures for emitting qi and the abilities of differential prognosis and remedy of forty five universal illnesses. a few result of laboratory experiments of outgoing-qi are integrated to supply the medical evidence of the results.

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The main function of the collateral is to transfuse qi and blood of the channels to all parts of the body to nourish the tendon, bone, skin and the five sense organs (nose, eye, lip, tongue and ear), and to link the interior with the exterior . , the twelve from the Twelve Regular Channels respectively, plus the other three from the Du, Ren and Spleen Channels. These fifteen collaterals are all horizontal, connecting the internal and superficial channels . based on different channels and their collaterals .

The Congenital Eight Diagrams Another term for the Congenital Eight Diagrams is Fu Xi' s Eight Diagrams,with which Heaven and Earth are orientated based on Qian and Kun . In the Congenital Eight Diagrams, Heaven and Earth, wind and thunder, water and fire, and mountain and marsh are all defined aS couple yin and yang opposite to each other (Fig . 2-12) . This kind of diagram is taken as the body aspect which governs qi and can generate all things . 3 . The Acquired Eight Diagrams Another term for it is King Wen's Eight Diagrams, with which south and north are orientated based on Li and Kan .

Relating the yao image with the zang and fu organs, the inner yin and yang nature and the function of the internal organs can be deduced . Speaking in detail, the Kun Diagram is attributed to yin and ascribed to the five zang (solid) organs and Mingmen (Du 4), with its bottom-yao being Mingmen (Du 4), the 2nd-yao the kidney,the 3rd-yao the liver, the 4th-yao the spleen,the 5th-yao the heart, and the top-yao the lung . Qian is attributed to yang and ascribed to the six fu (hollow) organs, with its bottom-yao being the urinary bladder, the 2nd-yao the large intestine, the 3rd-yao the small intestine, the 4th-yao the gallbladder, the 5th-yao the stomach and the top-yao the Sanjiao (the three warmers) (Fig .

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