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This article is interdisciplinary and is particular in scope to a dialogue of the significance of clay in engineering geology. it really is essentially addressed to geologists and mineralogists and to these civil engineers who're concemed with the geotechnical sciences. Its item is to introduce geologists and mineralogists to the customarily strange terminology and literature of sorne features of soil mechanics and correspondingly to introduce engineers to pertinent details in geology and mineralogy which pertains to clay. Geologists and engineers occasionally use an identical time period with a unique which means and conversely they connect a similar aspiring to assorted phrases. for instance, in engineering terminology compaction implies a mechanical technique yet to geologists it exhibits lessen in void ratio because of traditional reasons. Likewise rock, in general considered as a difficult fabric, within the strict feel comprises non-coherent mineral topic. This has been termed regolith by way of geologists and soil by means of engineers to the vexation of agricultural scientists. Confusion may be shunned by means of normal contract yet routinely it's most likely that the query might be made up our minds via utilization.

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3 The transport velocity and mass conservation 17 The difference in the values of the stream function at the two points is then ψ = u z, the volume flux across the line joining the two points. Streamline patterns contain a great deal of useful and accurate information. , the volume flux between any pair of these curves remains constant. Where the streamlines are close together, the volume transports are concentrated and the flow speed is relatively high; where they are widely separated, the flow speed is low.

Combining these taking place, heat may be added at the rate Q expressions, we have the thermal energy balance ∂T ˆ = −(ρC)F u · ∇T + κM ∇ 2 T + Q. 48) ∂t ˆ where M = (ρC)M /(ρC)F , the heat source Q = Q/(ρC) F , and the thermal dif2 −1 fusivity κ, with physical dimensions (length) × (time) , is the matrix thermal conductivity divided by (ρC)F . 1. 4. 8 Dissolved species balance 35 medium, the effective advection velocity for heat is u/M, somewhat larger than the transport velocity but smaller than the interstitial fluid velocity u/φ.

Some simple geometries can be solved explicitly. If the interstices form an ensemble of parallel tubes of diameter δ, the Poiseuille solution of 1840 (see, for example, Batchelor, 1967) leads to a permeability of k = (φδ 2 /32) cos θ , where θ is the angle between the axis of the tubes and the pressure gradient. With an isotropic distribution of tube directions, the permeability is φδ 2 /96, even smaller than the previous case because many of the tubes are transverse to the pressure gradient. ) but it is of interest to note that while the permeability in each case is proportional to φδ 2 , the constant of proportionality is small, in the range (1–3) ×10−2 .

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