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By Larry Bell

Foreword written by way of S. Fred Singer, former director of the U.S. climate satellite tv for pc provider and coauthor of Unstoppable worldwide Warming.

Melting glaciers, soreness polar bears, emerging oceans- those are only some of the weather swap challenge myths debunked by means of famous aerospace professional Larry Bell during this explosive new e-book. With meticulous study, Bell deflates those and different weather misconceptions with perceptive research, humor, and the newest medical facts. Written for the laymen, but in-depth sufficient for the professional, this publication digs deep into the common and political features of the weather switch debate, answering primary questions that show the all-too-human origins of "scientific" inquiry. Why and the way are many of the international s so much prestigious medical associations taking advantage of the controversy? Who stand to learn such a lot by way of selling public weather switch alarmism? What precise political and fiscal reasons are served via the vilification of carbon dioxide? How do weather deceptions advertise grossly exaggerated claims for non-fossil replacement strength capacities and increase blatant worldwide wealth redistribution pursuits? With its devastating portrayal of medical and executive institutions run amok, this ebook is a useful addition to the vastly renowned literature attacking the medical established order. Climate of Corruption will deliver welcome reduction to all people who are bored to death with weather challenge madness.

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During July 2010, those throughout New England witnessed temperatures among the ten warmest recorded during that month in about a century, while temperatures in southeastern US states registered below normal. 10 Going back to 2007, Baghdad saw its first snowfall ever recorded, and China experienced its coldest winter in 100 years. Record cold temperatures were also recorded in Argentina, Chile, and yes, even Greenland. The end of 2007 set a record for the largest Southern Hemisphere sea ice expanse since satellite altimeter monitoring began in 1979, it was about 1 million square kilometers more than the previous 28-year average.

But what about examining motives? For example, when those who are twanging our guilt strings falsely portray polar bears as endangered climate victims to block drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve (ANWR), and when alarmists classify CO2 as an endangering pollutant to promote lucrative cap-and-trade legislation and otherwise unwarranted alternative energy subsidies. What if these representations lack any sound scientific basis? Is that okay? The Hot Spin Cycle Cyclical, abrupt, and dramatic global and regional temperature fluctuations have occurred over millions of years, long before humans invented agriculture, industries, automobiles, and carbon-trading schemes.

The truth is that there is no evidence for any significant human impact on global climate, and that there is nothing in a practical sense we can do to affect global climate. And, as Larry Bell points out, a somewhat warmer climate with increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be beneficial overall to Earth’s inhabitants, especially to those in developing nations who depend on agriculture for a living. Climate of Corruption brings a breath of fresh, cool air to the overheated climate debate.

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