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By Jerry M. Straka

This e-book focuses in particular on bin and bulk parameterizations for the prediction of cloud and precipitation at a number of scales - the cloud scale, mesoscale, synoptic scale, and the worldwide weather scale. It presents a history to the elemental rules of parameterization physics, together with approaches enthusiastic about the creation of clouds, ice debris, liquid water, snow combination, graupel and hail. It offers complete derivations of the parameterizations, permitting readers to construct parameterization applications, with various degrees of complexity in accordance with info within the ebook. Architectures for various dynamical versions are given, during which parameterizations shape an important instrument for investigating huge non-linear numerical structures. version codes can be found on-line at Written for researchers and complicated scholars of cloud and precipitation microphysics, this booklet is usually a worthwhile reference for all atmospheric scientists curious about versions of numerical climate prediction.

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This distribution has been used by a few investigators including Clark (1976) and Nickerson et al. (1986). 5 Gamma distributions 27 Now let the following transformation hold that maps x 2 ð 1; 1Þ into D 2 ð 1; 1Þ;   1 D ; x 2 ð 1; 1Þ ð2:36Þ x ¼ ln s Dn where s is a parameter, x is a function of diameter D, and Dn is a scaling diameter. 35), results in ! 37) results in the log-normal distribution function, ! 6) gives the particle distribution spectrum, ! 27) with n 6¼ 1, m ¼ 1 and a ¼ 1 is given.

NT D D ¼ N0 exp ; ð2:29Þ exp nðDÞ ¼ Dn Dn Dn where, NT ¼ N0 Dn : ð2:30Þ The distribution given by Laws and Parsons (1943) was made infamous by Marshall and Palmer (1948) when they showed that rain distributions could be well defined in the mean by this form of the gamma distribution and later the same was shown to be true for some cases of snow aggregates. Finally, Cheng and English (1983) found using observations that, in the mean, even hail was well described by exponential distributions using the 26 Foundations of microphysical parameterizations following assumptions.

LnðDx =Dnx ފ2 dDx : 2s2x ð2:160Þ !   ½lnðDx =Dnx ފ2 Dx d : 2 2sx Dnx ð2:161Þ ! ðln uÞ2 du: 2s2 ð2:162Þ 0 By letting y ¼ ln(u), u ¼ exp(y), du/u ¼ dy, so 1   ð NTx D2nx p y2 Apx ¼ p dy; expð2yÞ exp 2s2x 2psx 4 ð2:163Þ 1 where the limits of the integral change as above. 165) the result is, ! 1 ð 2 ax NTx ½lnðD =D ފ x nx dDx : Dbx x 1 exp ð2:166Þ Qx ¼ p 2s2x r 2psx 0 Dividing all Dx terms by Dnx, ax NTx Dbx Qx ¼ p nx r 2psx 1 ð Dx Dnx 0 bx 1 exp ! 6 Log-normal distribution 47 Now letting u = Dx/Dnx, !

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