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By B. Mazumder

This reference publication could be invaluable as a unified resource of knowledge for either scholars focusing on and marketers operating with coal. Chapters conceal coal deposits, mining and beneficiation; coal constitution and coal class; coal research; coal cleansing techniques; coal conversion methods; coal-derived commercial carbons; usage of coal wastes and toxins generated through coal and its abatement.

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Hence, anions are expected to have little effect on the rheological characteristics of the present CWMs. 1 mol/dm3 is attributed to the presence of positively charged sodium ions mentioned earlier. 6 CWM with non-ionic dispersant As shown in the Fig. 8, CWM exhibits shear thickening behavior identical to that of CWM employing an anionic dispersant with no additional electrolyte, in which particles are well dispersed. However, addition of electrolytes results in marked different behavior. Coal particles suspended in water are known to be negatively charged even in the absence of anionic dispersant.

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