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By Didier Sornette

Concepts, tools and methods of statistical physics within the examine of correlated, in addition to uncorrelated, phenomena are being utilized ever more and more within the traditional sciences, biology and economics in an try to comprehend and version the big variability and hazards of phenomena. this is often the 1st textbook written via a well known professional that offers a contemporary updated advent for employees open air statistical physics. The emphasis of the publication is on a transparent knowing of options and strategies, whereas it additionally offers the instruments that may be of quick use in purposes. even supposing this e-book developed out of a path for graduate scholars, it is going to be of serious curiosity to researchers and engineers, in addition to to post-docs in geophysics and meteorology.

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72) 26 1. Useful Notions of Probability Theory whose solution is the affine function h(x) = h(0) + x/θ. 73) where we have noted p0 = eh(0) . For x > 0 large, G< (x) → 1 and for x < 0 with |x| large, G< (x) → 0. We thus have G< (x) = 1 − exp −p0 ex/θ . 74) p0 has a simple interpretation when small. 75) showing that p0 is simply the probability to get a negative value. 76) where f (x) goes from zero to +∞ when x goes from −∞ to +∞. 77) where the last expression becomes a better and better approximation as N increases and x is larger so that e−f (x) becomes smaller and smaller.

It is interesting to note that X |>u −u is constant for an exponential distribution: 1 with 0 ≤ x . 48) for P< (x) ≈ 1 − exp e−x/θ θ This property is related to the absence of memory of the exponential Poisson law. For a Gaussian distribution, X |>u is very close to u showing that the Gaussian pdf is characterized by small fluctuations. For power laws with exponent µ > 1, X |>u = (µ/(µ − 1))u and grows with u, a signature of the absence of characteristic scales. X |>u − u = Relative Weight of the Maximum Xmax in a Sum X1 + .

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