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By Chandana Sinha, Shibshankar Bhattacharyya

The breadth, scope and quantity of analysis in atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics have elevated greatly within the previous couple of years. Following the common use of pulsed lasers, yes newly rising components in addition to chosen mature subfields are ushering in a moment renaissance. This quantity specializes in present study in those an important components: chilly atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates, quantum details and quantum computation, and new thoughts for investigating collisions and constitution. the subjects coated comprise: the multireference coupled cluster approach in quantum chemistry and the position of digital correlation in nanosystems; laser cooling of atoms and theories of the Bose-Einstein condensate; and quantum computing and quantum details move utilizing chilly atoms and formed ultrafast pulses. different articles take care of contemporary findings in heavy ion collisions with clusters, time-of-flight spectroscopy thoughts, and a particular instance of a chaotic quantum method. The contributions will tremendously help in the sharing of specialised wisdom between specialists and also will be worthwhile for postgraduate scholars striving to procure an total photo of the present study prestige within the components lined.

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