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By Mingliang (Michael) Liu

This e-book is helping engineers to understand primary theories and layout rules via offering actual and intuitive causes of switched-capacitor circuits. various circuit examples are mentioned and the writer emphasizes crucial and primary ideas focused on imposing cutting-edge switched-capacitor circuits for analog sign processing and gear administration purposes. during the booklet, the writer offers a variety of step by step tutorials and provides functional layout examples.
While a few quantitative research is important to appreciate underlying techniques, tedious mathematical equations and formal proofs are refrained from. An intuitive appreciation for switched-capacitor circuits is accomplished. a lot of the present details on modern switched-capacitor circuit purposes is within the kind of purposes notes and information sheets for varied switched-capacitor ICs. This e-book compiles such details in one quantity and coherently organizes and constructions it.
* step by step tutorials which emphasize the main primary principals
* Few tedious mathematical equations
* the 1st easy-to-understand compilation in this topic

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Let us first take a look at the frequency-domain description of the charge distribution by a resistor. 6) Here V0 is the voltage difference between two nodes, V1 and V2. 7), can be mapped directly to its corresponding z-domain equation that relates Q0 (z), V0 (z), and C by simply replacing s in the s-domain equation with its z-domain equivalence, F(z) [3]. 7) to its z-domain counterpart. 30 Switched-Capacitor Building Blocks In the following frequency-domain analysis, we will adopt most assumptions made for the preceding time-domain derivation of Requ, for instance, all switches operate periodically at a rate much faster than that of the variations in V1 and V2.

The large capacitance C0). To overcome this deficiency, researchers have come up with some ingenious solutions, such as the parasitic-insensitive parallel SC integrator reported by Jacobs et al. 3(c). 3(c) shall be a sampled-and-held signal (sampled when Φ1 is on). All op-amps used here are ideal. 3(a), we focus on the parasitic capacitance Cp1, since the other parasitic capacitances in the circuit can be immediately discarded by repeating the same arguments as before. When Φ1 is on (Φ1 = 1), Cp1 is connected with C in parallel, and both capacitors are charged to the instantaneous input voltage.

E) Series-parallel resistor simulation. (f) Parasitic-insensitive resistor simulation. insignificant, and the capacitor voltage can be approximated to a dc voltage (V1 − V2). 1) At time t3, Φ1 is already off and Φ2 is just turned on, and switches 1 and 3 are open whereas 2 and 4 are closed. 2) At time t5, again, Φ1 is turned on instantly and Φ2 is already off, and switches 1 and 3 are closed whereas 2 and 4 are open. 3) Demystifying Switched-Capacitor Circuits From now on, the sequence of charge transfer between time t2 and t6 is repeated every T, and the system reaches a steady state.

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