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55 in. 69 in. 1. To ensure a conservative adjustment for a ¾ in. separation, take (KL)y = 8 ft. k. k. Manual Table 4-9 Therefore, x-x axis flexural buckling governs. Determine the number of intermediate connectors required Per Table 4-12, at least two welded or pretensioned bolted intermediate connectors are required. 00 ft) 12 in. 0 in. 2 The effective slenderness ratio of the individual components of the built-up member based upon the distance between intermediate connectors, a, must not exceed three quarters of the controlling slenderness ratio of the overall built-up member.

0 Since the unbraced length is the same for both axes, the y-y axis will govern. 76 in. k. = 594 kips > 560 kips Note that the calculated values match the tabulated values. k. 1d W-Shape Available Strength Calculation Calculate the available strength of a W14×90 with a strong axis unbraced length of 30 ft and weak axis and torsional unbraced lengths of 15 ft. 1b. 14 in. 70 in. 0 ft ) 12 in. 14 in. 0 ft ) 12 in. 70 in. 6 The available critical stresses may be interpolated from Manual Table 4-22 or calculated directly as follows.

33 in. 05 in. 947 in. 0 in. 375 in. 45 29, 000 ksi 36 ksi Therefore, there are no slender elements. 7 Manual Table 1-15 Table 1-7 E-24 For compression members without slender elements, Specification Sections E3 and E4 apply. The nominal compressive strength, Pn, shall be determined based on the limit states of flexural, torsional, and flexural-torsional buckling. 25 in. 8) 2 Eqn. 4 ksi ⎥⎦ ⎣ ⎦ controls Eqn. E3-2 Check torsional and flexural-torsional buckling Section E4 For non-slender double angle compression members, Specification Equation E4-2 applies.

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