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By Louis Legendre

From past ecological reports it has turn into obvious that straightforward univariate or bivariate data are usually irrelevant, and that multivariate statistical analyses has to be utilized. regardless of a number of problems bobbing up from the appliance of multivariate equipment, neighborhood ecology has obtained a mathematical framework, with 3 results: it could actually improve as an actual technology; it may be utilized operationally as a computer-assisted technological know-how to the answer of environmental difficulties; and it may possibly trade info with different disciplines utilizing the language of arithmetic. This publication contains the invited lectures, in addition to operating crew stories, at the NATO workshop held in Roscoff (France) to enhance the applicability of this new approach numerical ecology to precise ecological problems.

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Suppose we have 33 a putative solution of coordinates Y that generate fitted values 0ij, then we may plot dij against 0ij, as in figure 8. 0 o x -x- x Fitted Distance Figure 8. Monotonic regression of dij (~ij, dij) with value fitted by (Oij, dij) and corresponding contribution to the minimised on 0ij showing a typical point the monotopic regression of residual (oij-Oij) which is a single Stress criterion. The relationship between dij and 0ij is not exactly monotonic so a bestfitting monotonic regression of dij against 0ij has been plotted as in figure 8.

The same disposition of Pi and Pj is shown for With distance the locus of all points equidistant from Pi as is Pj is clearly a circle with centre Pi and radius A(PiPj)' point zero distance from Pi is Pi itself. The only The origin and axes play no direct 46 part in the interpretation; however scaling the axes differentially badly affects the distance interpretation. For the inner-products 4(OPi)4(OPj)COS(PiOPj) to be constant as Pj varies requires 4 (OPj)COS(PiOPj) to be constant. This is merely the projection of Pj onto OPi, showing that the locus of points with equal relationships with Pi is the line through Pj orthogonal to OPi' through the origin.

The relationship between dij and 0ij is not exactly monotonic so a bestfitting monotonic regression of dij against 0ij has been plotted as in figure 8. In this regression we are especially interested in the residuals from the monotone line parallel to the 0ij-direction. Corresponding to the point (oij, dij) is the value (6ij,dij) fitted by the monotone regression, so the relevant residual is 0ij-oij and the quantity to be minimised is E(6ij-Oij)2 which is the modified form of Stress often used with monotonic transformations.

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