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VMUJTQFDUSBMJNBHFS 1MBUFO 4DBUUFSFEMJHIU 1PMBSJTFE MJHIU  *NBHJOHMFOT -JOFBS1PMBSJTFS  -JOFBS QPMBSJTFS  *MMVNJOBUJPO TPVSDFT VOQPMBSJTFEMJHIU 1PMBSJTFEMJHIU  *NBHJOHBSSBZ Source: Lumidigm Page 26 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2006 4 Developments in Biometrics Modalities Solid-state sensors or silicon sensors Solid-state sensors use tiny microchips to generate an image of the ridges and valleys that make up a fingerprint. An electrical current causes a different voltage output depending on whether a ridge or a valley is being detected.

This system for verifying signatures can be used with many electronic writing formats, such as devices that let users sign for purchases with a stylus. Capture The signature is captured when a person signs their name on a digitised graphics tablet, which can be attached to a computer or of a personal digital assistant (PDA). Dynamic signature recognition systems are different from electronic signature capture systems, which treat the signature as a graphic image. Electronic signature capture systems are commonly used by merchants to capture electronic signatures in the authorisation of credit card transactions.

The comparison between the sensed fingerprint against records in a database or a chip usually yields a matching score quantifying the similarity between the two representations. e. the prints belong to the same finger(s). Reflection optical technology is the oldest optical method. It works by illuminating the finger from one side with a light-emitting diode (LED) while the other side transmits the image through a lens to a camera. The fingerprint is read by placing the finger on the glass plate of the fingerprint scanner.

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